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Tiffany Chu

1.What is your major?

Biological Sciences

2. Are there any extracurricular activities or organizations that have been instrumental in connecting you with like-minded women in the biological sciences at UCI?

Bridging the Gap (BTG) and Joining a Research Lab!

3. Are there female professors, researchers, staff or students at UCI who have played a key role in your academic journey, and how have they influenced your aspirations?

Dr. Celia Goulding and Dr. Dequina Nicholas

4. Any advice for future BioSci students?

Don’t be afraid to aim high and ask for help getting there, it’s not supposed to be easy after all!

5. Why did you choose BioSci?

I chose biosci because it aligns with my passion and future career goals! I am a premed student who has always been interested in research so I’m able to combine both interests in this major!

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