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Celebrating Black Excellence in the Biological Sciences

Amplifying Black Voices

UC Irvine Dunlop School is committed to create an inclusive community and climate that supports the growth and success of black excellence in the biological sciences. To launch Black History Month, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is focusing on telling the story of our talented black faculty, students and Dunlop School community. 

Don’t let anything stop you. The sciences are hard but so is being Black in America. Science does not care about the color of your skin. So shoot for the stars!

Jharrayne McKnight
Doctoral Candidate
Thompson Lab

Diversity brings different perspectives and novel approaches, contributing to innovative scientific solutions. Representation is vital for retaining diverse talents, reinforcing the presence of diverse voices, and encouraging more people to join the field.

Alyssa Rodriguez
Doctoral Candidate
Wood Lab

Be resilient in the face of obstacles, and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. Remember that you belong, no matter what people may say or what the room may reflect at times.

Kiara Wiggins
Doctoral Candidate
Nicholas Lab


A Look At Famous Black Scientists

Black History Month provides an opportunity to feature the stories and voices of Black scientists and others in the world of STEM. Below you can learn about some of the most historical Black scientists. 

How Can You Help?

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