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We firmly believe that diversity is crucial to our collective excellence and will continuously work to ensure that women and individuals from minoritized groups are well represented among our community at all levels, including our leadership. We are committed to creating a fair and equitable workplace and learning space where all members of our community can thrive and achieve their maximum potential. We embrace people from all backgrounds and experiences, who challenge each other’s assumptions and bring fresh perspectives to the table. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, heard, and celebrated. We strongly uphold the values of accountability and transparency as we recognize that we are, always, a work in progress. We are committed to making long-term sustainable change to achieve our goal of transforming into a fully inclusive, anti-racist, multicultural organization as we forge our path to a brilliant future.

promoting diversity icons: multicolored hands at the bottom with various icons representing diversity and science at the top/middle

Representation and Diversity in Biological Sciences

Pie chart that shows representation of UC Irvine Dunlop School students
Pie chart showing representation of senate faculty and academic career staff at UC Irvine BioSci
Pie chart showing statistics for Faculty representation at UC Irvine BioSci