These are our School’s Guiding Cultural Principles:

Blue and yellow circle respect icon - hand holding heart


We treat each other with respect and exercise empathy towards each other.

Blue and yellow circle safety icon - shield with check mark in the middle


We feel safe to learn, to contribute, and to challenge the status quo without fear of reprisal.

Blue and yellow circle inclusion icon - 3 circles overlapping


We embrace diversity, uphold equity, and actively promote an inclusive environment.

Blue and yellow circle excellence icon - 3 people with upward arrow


We foster growth and recognize both individual and collective achievement.

Blue and yellow circle teamwork icon - high five


We value and promote collaboration and invest in the success of our teams.

Blue and yellow circle engagement icon - 2 people reciprocal arrows


We are committed to building a positive and collegial work environment.

Blue and yellow circle courage icon - confident person on mountain


We have the courage to take risks and the wisdom to learn from our failures.

Blue and yellow circle service icon - hand holding gear


We are committed to serving our students, our campus, and our communities.

Blue and yellow circle integrity icon - equal scales


We value and expect honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Blue and yellow circle leadership icon - 3 figures, middle figure with halo.


Each of us can lead by upholding and modeling these guiding principles.

Graphic diversity image - 9 diverse happy people with hands up