Academic Personnel Manual

The Academic Personnel Manual (APM) outlines the criteria and policies for faculty review at the University of California. The APM is searchable here:

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Appointment and Promotion – Professor Series

The following PDFs provide policy, definition and more important information for  appointment and promotion.

Types of Personnel Actions

FAQs from the Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) – Revised Jan 2020

CAP is an advisory body representing the Academic Senate in the faculty personnel review process. Rather than repeating criteria and processes explained elsewhere, these FAQs address issues CAP repeatedly encounters or that appear to be sources of confusion.

Guidance for Faculty Preparing files

Guidance on I. Research and Creative Activity, II. Teaching, III. Service and Contributions to Inclusive Excellence in Research, Teaching and/or Service.

Stopping the Clock

(childrearing/childbearing, serious health condition or bereavement, significant circumstance or event)

Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles PDF

UC Irvine Academic Personnel Forms

To request Active Service-Modified Duties, Stop-the-clock, funding for teaching release for birth or adoption of child(ren), Family Friendly Checklist for Academic Appointees, etc.

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COVID-19 and Academic Review

COVID-19 FAQ for academics about academic reviews, leaves and sabbaticals, and other guidance.

Covid-19 FAQ

COVID-19 Leave Options Due to Daycare/School Closure

If a faculty member is unable to do their work due to a COVID-19 day care/school closure that requires them to be home with their dependent(s), they may work remotely if operationally feasible.  If demands of dependent care make it impossible for faculty to work, even when work is remote, they may request paid leave:  1) Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) and/or 2) Expanded Family and Medical Leave (EFML).  Both of these leaves are available to eligible individuals through December 31, 2020.

COVID-19 leave options due to daycare/school closure

If you have concerns that your file or your performance will not be evaluated fairly, please contact the Equity Advisor for the Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences.