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UCI CARE Faculty and Staff Summer Series: Fostering Inclusion to Prevent Harm


Inclusion is a personal and departmental goal for many of us, but what does it mean? What does inclusion look or feel like? How does violence take shape on college campuses and how do we ensure support and inclusion of survivors of this violence? This discussion-focused session will explore personal and professional experiences in order...

Safe Zone: Practice of Allyship – Trends and LGBTQ+A

Safe Zone: Practice of Allyship is a series of three workshops for any of the UCI community to join. Help create practice of allyship for the LGBTQ+ Community and gather all educational material and resources offered throughout this workshop series. The workshop taking place on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 focuses on the current trends in...

UCI CARE Faculty & Staff Summer Series: Trauma-Informed Response


Many of us have heard the term ‘trauma-informed,’ but do we know what it means or how to integrate it into our work? Do we know how to use trauma-informed practice to respond in an appropriate and sensitive manner to students or colleagues who disclose their experiences with harm or trauma to us? This session...