What is an Equity Advisor

An Equity Advisor is a senior faculty member, appointed as Faculty Assistant to the Dean in their respective schools. Equity Advisors participate in faculty recruiting by approving search strategies and raising awareness of Best Practices. Additionally, they organize faculty development programs, with both formal and informal mentoring, and address individual issues raised by women and underrepresented minority faculty. Equity Advisors, together with the ADVANCE Program Director and Manager, form APAC, the Advance Program Advising Committee. APAC meets monthly to discuss current and best practices to promote faculty diversity and inclusion across campus.

professor monica daily

Contact Dr. Daley

Dr. Monica A Daley (she/her)
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Equity Advisor,  School of Biological Sciences
Director,  Center for Integrative Movement Sciences
(949) 824-6654

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You can make an appointment to meet with Monica Daley as the BioSci Equity Advisor using the link below.  Monica is happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you have about equity and inclusion, and will help direct you to additional support as needed.

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