Dr. Aimee Edinger, professor of Developmental and Cell Biology is the Biological Science Equity Advisor. An Equity Advisor is a senior faculty member, appointed as Faculty Assistant to the Dean in their respective schools. Equity Advisors participate in faculty recruiting by approving search strategies and raising awareness of Best Practices. Additionally, they organize faculty development programs, with both formal and informal mentoring, and address individual issues raised by women and underrepresented minority faculty. Equity Advisors, together with the ADVANCE Program Director and Manager, form APAC, the Advance Program Advising Committee. APAC meets monthly to discuss current and best practices to promote faculty diversity and inclusion across campus.

Message from Dr. Edinger

Headshot of Dr. Aimee Edinger

I became Equity Advisor because I am committed to ensuring that all individuals in our School are treated fairly and with respect and to help ensure that underrepresented faculty receive the support they need to fully realize their potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I have myself utilized many campus and systemwide family-friendly programs during my 15 years at UCI, and have spent my last 4 years as Equity Advisor educating myself about the current state of diversity in STEM, implicit bias, gender bias and sexual harassment, systemic racism with a focus on how it manifests in STEM, and best practices in mentoring. I still have a lot to learn, and appreciate receiving emails that share personal experiences or that point out new studies or useful articles or resources relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am eager to speak with faculty with questions or concerns about stop-the-clock, family leave, and/or childcare or who have experienced or witnessed bias or harassment in the setting of merit and promotion actions, faculty searches, student interviews or evaluation, undergraduate classrooms, campus seminars, interactions with staff, or in any academic or community setting. I am happy to work with you to address specific incidents. However, sharing experiences that you do not want to follow up on is also important because it can help the School develop policies and procedures that reduce the likelihood that such events will recur, negatively impacting others.

With the exception that all faculty members are required by University policy to report all incidents and disclosures of sexual harassment and sexual violence (SHSV) involving students, staff, or faculty to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD), conversations with the equity advisor are strictly confidential. An individual who wishes for the details of an incident involving SHSV to remain completely confidential may speak with certain University officials who must maintain confidentiality and may not disclose the details of an incident, except as authorized by the individual or required by law. These officials include: the  Victim Advocate at CARE, Campus Social Worker, the Ombudsman, and the Counseling Center. Additionally, individuals may report an incident to UCI Police and request to be treated as a “confidential victim”.